Social Media as the Backbone of Link Building

Since the introduction of Google of Panda and Penguin update, people believed that SEO and link building for that matter is dead. However, this is not actually the case. The reason why despite the updates, the websites that ranked high and on the first page of Google remained to be there is because of the fact that they have strong and authoritative links. If they are weak and have low value links, there would never be there at all. However, given the shifts in the algorithm of Google, switching from the page rank to the domain authority would definitely bring changes in the world of SEO. At the same time, there is a massive emphasis given on social signals and quality content. With these things in mind, the following are some useful tips on how social media can help in building a strong backbone of link building.

Social Media for Link Building

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1.) Engaging Content – This is basically the key element in SEO and social media. Always bear in mind to write for humans and not for robots. Thus, create a blog content that is useful and engaging. Think that if you will read your article, would you share it? If yes, then you would see that social signals are going up, given that your audience would share your content on the social network. This way, you are earning links and traffic.

2.) Share Your Content – After creating an engaging and valuable content; share it with other networks to attract more shares. You can do it by sharing your article through relevant forums, newsletters, influencers and on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Online Social Business: Get on Board

Online Social BusinessSocial media has a vast influence on social business, and it grows really fast. The different practices in social business have been vital in the success of online marketing; especially that undoubtedly the world has gone social. And social media continues to evolve as a social business practice. Marketers and business entities need to commit to the ongoing social learning for them on be in the game. At present, content is considered to be the heart of any social business. And content marketing is definitely required in order to succeed. Any organization or business that has an online presence can benefit from it. A content that is high-quality is always rewarded with a spotlight in the social media. This would increase the exposure; accelerate lead generation, as well as conversion.

Different types of contents are necessary which include blog content, social media posts, info graphics, and webinars. Premium content like e-books and whitepapers are also common. Social engagement is crucial. Whether it is a Linkedln update on status, a comment on Facebook, or tweet, quality and attention to detail are paramount. Success in social media happens when there is an excellent creation of content and authentic engagement.

Best Practices in Social Business

  • Content Creation – Social content is a kind of content that is created as a part of social media. Content is supreme and we always hear that content is king. However, it should be acknowledged that not all content is created equal. It should be created with time-relevance, deep industry insight, and rich information which would resonate with the audience and the target market. Different types of content can be utilized to promote a company. The content, to make them more viral need to be shared on the different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedln, etc.

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The Top Social Networks to Indulge In

Who would expect that human beings would be a social creature? At present, the majority of people are surely guilty of such. They indulge themselves by participating in the different social networks and creating an account to have a platform where they can share and express their ideas. Along with the rise of the internet, people started satisfying this natural online necessity by joining different internet forums. The evolution in these social forums has resulted in today’s global networking.

At present, everyone has surely heard of some of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook. But of course, there are more networking sites. Each of them serves a different purpose, though similarities with the uses and functions may be inevitable. Some of these websites are designed to share information, some are useful in finding a new job, others are used for sharing music, pictures, videos, and there are some that invite other members for a specific purpose. Below is a list of the most popular social networking sites and the reasons why they are on top.


Facebook ProfileThis is one of the most known social networking sites. In fact, this is considered to be a global network that hundreds of millions of active users use to share content and connect with other people. After registering, one can start creating his own profile and adding friends that he would like to share his status updates with, as well as chat, videos, and photos. Moreover, Facebook has pages that a person can “like” to be a part of the community that shares a common interest. In Facebook, one needs to be at least 13 years old to set up an account.

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Social Media, Business, and People

Your Online CommunitySocial media provides people the chance to communicate with the world in a modern and more advanced way. It also allows the users to exchange different information with one another. And social media has become a useful mean of communication and interaction in today’s time. It has changed how people think and live their daily lives. Thus, it is utilized by people in various ways which includes the gathering of information, marketing of services and products, communication, self-expression, and discussion of a topic or news.

There are different types of social media websites that the internet offers to people. These websites allow them to join in a discussion or a group, or tag their favorite link; upload their videos and photos, at the same time to post their short messages and articles. These social media websites may be similar to each other when it comes to their functions and purposes, but still, they are unique from one another by having features that are completely different from that of the other. The deciding point often lies in the purpose of social media to people and different business.

Social media is utilized by people when performing various tasks. There are people who enjoy playing the different applications offered in the social networking sites, others spend time chatting with their loved ones and friends, some make use of it as a platform to gather information, while others make it as a venue for them to post their articles. These different activities offered by the different social media websites make them so special and useful. Undeniably, social media is now the “must-see” for people. It seems like people cannot do away with it, that as much as possible, they have to use it on a daily basis- checking updates about their friends and all the latest stuff on the net. Each of them offers the users distinct advantages, the reason why they always go for it. Some of the most popular social media websites among people in today’s time are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedln.

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Maintaining An Online Reputation

Establishing an online presence is an important move for an enterprising entity. The internet has been successful in making its presence be felt and be a part of the life of the consumers and producers. And most of all, it has been the newest medium for social connections. In addition, it is not only the medium for people to acquire knowledge and accumulate information about various enterprises but it has been a way to build networks and socialize with them. These functions are enabled through the use and presence of the internet which means that it is of utmost importance for an enterprise to build an online presence.

Build Online Reputation

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One of the most important things when it comes to network building is to venture into the world of internet. It is always crucial to have an online presence and since radio and television is quickly replaced by the internet as the source of information, realizing such potential at the earliest possible time would make a great difference. Thus,one needs to create online profiles on the different websites and online networking sites, or forums where different enterprises virtually meet. This would be essential in meeting allies and competitors, as well as in building networks. The next step is to have your own website. Having your own website is just like having your own store or your office. You make everything available just under one umbrella and make it easier for your target customers to get to know your brand. All the given information about your business can be concentrated and collated in just one place so that it’s convenient to get to know about an enterprise and what it can offer. Aside from these things, your website will be the main source of online information about your enterprise which are written and compiled outside the firm. People would form their opinions and share them, and of course, the main source would be your website. However, it is important to have an updated and well-functioning website.

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Instagram for Business Promotion

Increase Instagram Followers

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While the capacity of having links to different resources with the use of photographs in not allowed, there is still an option available wherein one can utilize hashtags in their comment sections in an attempt to further categorize the company’s specific photographs. Hashtags can be extremely beneficial as companies and organizations utilize them in their marketing efforts and promotions. A lot of these marketing efforts that make use of hash tags has been viral and a tremendous uptick in the user management and brand communication have been seen. Since its arrival, Instagram had been able to captivate millions of social media users. In addition, aside from its numerous features Instagram service is seen to be the birth of different spin-off services that allow the users to turn their favorite photos in Instagram into magnets and postcard stickers.

The instantaneous effects of Instagram and its unique set of editing features sets it apart from the other social networking sites. And this is the reason why we have seen how this social network have skyrocketed in terms of popularity and various corporations and brands jump to this platform as a way to interact with their customers. From the standpoint of marketing, businesses will have a new viable mechanism in order to promote their services and products while getting an instant feedback from their customers. Other organizations see this as a premature opportunity as they focus primarily on the traditional avenues like Twitter and Facebook. The beauty of such social media applications in addition to the prevalent Web 2.0 properties is the ability to cross-link with each other. By being able to generate content for Instagram, businesses and companies would receive a great deal of benefit to their marketing efforts as they could automatically set their own uploads to be distributed to the different services like Twitter and Facebook, e-mail, and even flickr. Such integrated features can be a great timesaver since the marketers do not need to visit each of the sites just to distribute picture communication.

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A Better Social Media Result with Less-known Secrets

Social Media MarketingThe reason why there are different types of social media is because of the fact that each one of them is unique in its own way and there is none that can be called “fit-all” social media. Every platform has its own features which may be similar or different from the others. They also have their own etiquette and personalities, thus techniques to be incorporated should be according to the platform. With all the changes in products and new platforms that are coming out, surfing through the web, remembering and knowing the trick in each platform is never easy to do. But these tips would be very helpful in making sure that the content is seen by the right people, improve your web search results, and to grow your engagement within a community.


Twitter has grown drastically since the year 2009 and at present, it has been seen as one social media platform that can’t be ignored. In 2012, 175 million tweets were sent in a single day. The concept behind can be very simple, you write in 140 characters and simply post it. However, there is more to Twitter than these limited characters.

1.) Starting your tweet with @symbol, it will only be visible to the public streams of people who are following you and the one at the @symbol.

2.) Hashtags can be beneficial given that it is used wisely. Avoid making your tweets look like a spam by sticking to 1-2 hashtags every tweet.


Facebook has 850 million active users monthly and this is expected to grow higher as its popularity increases in the foreign market making it essential for brands.

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