Hashtag is now on Facebook: How would it affect Your Business?

Facebook HashtagsA Hashtag is now on the shores of Facebook. This is a tool that has been used in Twitter, as well as other social networking sites. This is used to search for different topics that are of similar theme which can increase the rate where your own message can be found. If you see an update on Twitter “I like #blue”, would mean that all those who are searching for #blue would find your post, as well as those that includes the term. Simply, this has been a proof that a hashtag is an exceptionally popular option that is being utilized by Twitter users. This permits conversations about entertainment, news, and all the latest events between people. Most of all, it is a tool that has been a big part of the overall Twitter experience.

A hashtag is used in Twitter to discuss real-time events and it is also used in a wider range of social media sites. Tumblr is another popular sharing site that allows its users to use the hashtag on their posts for them to be found easily. The same goes for Instagram which is a photography application. Moreover, Google+ also has hashtag support. In this case, Facebook seems to be a bit late.

One of the main reasons why Facebook has finally introduced hashtag as its new feature is more on the monetary benefit. The hashtag is basically a great way to get strangers who are involved in the same conversation and forge the new links through a common ground. Currently, Twitter allows sponsored hashtags; in this case, a company can actually pay to have their hashtag appear as a trending one. This would encourage more conversations that would revolve around the topic. Now, Facebook does not allow this kind of sponsorship given that they would like to see whether this new kind of feature would be able to take off. If hashtags would become an important part of Facebook experience just like how it is on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+, then it would soon be a monetized option.

A hashtag will not only be helpful if you pay some amount of money for sponsorship, and it can move towards a more business-oriented model. If you are a business owner, you will be able to engage better with your audience through such additional channel, instead of simply having images and messages. In addition, you would also be able to have a wind of mentions that would take place away from your own business page. This would give you a greater response from your customers to the events and changes.

Only time would determine the performance of hashtags on Facebook. But one thing is for sure, it is surely one of the signs that social networking is now becoming business-oriented. By utilizing such tool, a business can be brought to greater heights just what it did on the topics on Twitter that has been trending and closely followed by people. Now that social networking is becoming more inclined to business, bringing your business online would surely deliver a great change in performance.


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