Pinterest: The Images Matter in the Social Network

Pinterest Social Network

image credit: sproutsocial(dot)com

At this modern time, we are given so many options. We can choose the things that we need, or those that we simply desire. Even when it comes to social media, there have been different kinds already that may seem to be similar with one another yet each one of them has its own uniqueness. We have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and of course Pinterest. The first three have their similarities, and the remaining two do have as well. However, Pinterest differs from Instagram in a way that it has no emoticons, status updates, and chat features. This may be different from the kinds of social media that we have been used to wherein we share and we can comment on each post. Yet, Pinterest has a board where one can pin photos and though it may not be obvious at first but it makes a lot of difference. And this is what makes Pinterest known.

According to a recent US study, Pinterest is as popular as Twitter. There 67% of the internet users in the United States have a Facebook account. The survey has found out that Twitter is the second most used social media having 16%, and this is closely followed by Pinterest having 15%. Basically, Pinterest is a combination of two words: pin and interest. What gives it a big difference is that it is a 100% visual.

Pinterest has an aim to promote interaction between the users, however this concentrates on the publication, as well as re-publication of videos and photos. Through this social media network, the users can share their contacts with recordings and images, either with other people or to themselves. The contacts may comment, rate, or republish. In addition, the videos and images may be accompanied by texts with not more than 500 characters.

Pinterest is a kind of social network that is designed to share different pictures and videos on the pinboard. The contents in Pinterest are organized into various categories: history, travel, humor, food, architecture, and so many more. Pinterest continues to climb to a higher position and many people can’t help to wonder why. However, it would be safe to say that Pinterest has a lot of potentials for different uses.

  • Pinterest provides the creative team with the chance to work collaboratively, to arise in an environment where images and brainstorming which can be motivating and inspiring can be found.
  • This helps raise the awareness for a particular product, brand, or service. Pinterest is also ideal when building catalogs with included prices, and offers an online presence for free. In addition, it makes it possible to test different ideas.
  • When it comes to food, Pinterest can offer posting about all kinds of recipes, as well as the step by step method of preparing it and pictures.
  • For the professional photographers, this gives them the chance to present their compilation of work and help them find new ideas for their composition.
  • When it comes to planning a social event, one can get a lot of ideas and contacts of the people who might be of help in giving details of the event.
  • Pinterest can help travelers plan their trips, add links of the photos of the places they have been to.

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