A Better Social Media Result with Less-known Secrets

Social Media MarketingThe reason why there are different types of social media is because of the fact that each one of them is unique in its own way and there is none that can be called “fit-all” social media. Every platform has its own features which may be similar or different from the others. They also have their own etiquette and personalities, thus techniques to be incorporated should be according to the platform. With all the changes in products and new platforms that are coming out, surfing through the web, remembering and knowing the trick in each platform is never easy to do. But these tips would be very helpful in making sure that the content is seen by the right people, improve your web search results, and to grow your engagement within a community.


Twitter has grown drastically since the year 2009 and at present, it has been seen as one social media platform that can’t be ignored. In 2012, 175 million tweets were sent in a single day. The concept behind can be very simple, you write in 140 characters and simply post it. However, there is more to Twitter than these limited characters.

1.) Starting your tweet with @symbol, it will only be visible to the public streams of people who are following you and the one at the @symbol.

2.) Hashtags can be beneficial given that it is used wisely. Avoid making your tweets look like a spam by sticking to 1-2 hashtags every tweet.


Facebook has 850 million active users monthly and this is expected to grow higher as its popularity increases in the foreign market making it essential for brands.

1.) The image size is important on Facebook. To be sure that you get the most of your posts, you have to make sure that the size of your image is 403×403 for the wall photo, 851×3415 for the cover photo, and 180×180 for the profile photo.

2.) Your promoted posts on Facebook bring attention to those people who may not see it regularly. These posts can be used best for the upcoming special promotions and public events.


Pinterest has made a speedy and impactful entrance in the world of social media. This has been a great traffic driver for those websites where the pins originated. As the number of sales increased along with the traffic, people started to notice that Pinterest is a game changer.

1.) Add the URL of your company or product in the description box. Pinterest will bold the URL automatically while drawing attention to your link.

2.) Put the product price in dollars in the description box. Pinterest recognizes the dollar symbol and marks the pin with the price in the upper right hand part. Pins that has prices get more than 36% likes than those pins that don’t have.

3.) You should directly link from where the pin come from especially if the item is for sale. Pinterest has been known as a kind of social media platform that has a strong purchase intent.

4.) Longer images take up more real estate. If possible, you should pin images which are larger for you to display your content.


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