Ways to Use Buffer to Boost Social Sharing

Your Social NetworkWhen it comes to social media site sharing, one can always be free from the real time grind of sending as what you type. Now, there is no need have social media postings while sitting down and facing the screen. And this is something that we have to be thankful for from the different apps available to perform the job for us. One of them is Buffer. This is a social sharing scheduler that works with Facebook, Linkedln, and Twitter. Buffer is responsible for building the queue of contents and sends them to the profiles connected to you throughout the day. You can have your own schedule or let Buffer arrange for you and later on, follow- up with Buffer’s analytics which are built into the dashboard. With this service, you would be able to save energy and time when trying to constantly keep up with social media content creation. This service is also free and one can have up to two accounts. On the other hand, their paid plans can be utilized by those who are seeking more profiles and more features. And by knowing the proper way of using Buffer, you would be able to have the best boost on your social sharing.

  • Find the right time to tweet and sync it with Buffer

Websites such as SocialBro and Tweriod can analyze your time of tweeting and make a schedule that would be ideal for optimizing your tweets for you to send during the time when your audience is listening. With Buffer, you can automatically connect to these websites.

  • Have Buffer in your Browser and you can schedule your posts anywhere

Get a Buffer browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It will let you clip a photo, web page, or text even while you are browsing. You do not have to copy and paste anymore. This will give you efficiency, given that you do not have to leave a page for you to share what you have found.

  • Buffer straight from RSS reader

You can clip stories with the help of Buffer’s compatibility with RSS readers.

  • Let Buffer and IFTTT work for you

Would you like to schedule your tweets? Or broadcast and share on your Facebook page? Buffer and IFTTT can make this happen. IFTTT is a service that is free that gives you the connections with sites and apps.

  • Buffer using your email

If you are in the moment of inspiration and an email is what you have, you can send your post directly to your Buffer email and let buffer add it to queue.

  • Create, clip, and Buffer with phone

Buffer have the native apps for Android and iPhone devices, so that wherever you are you can take advantage of such service. The app will help you connect other popular services like Flipboard, mail, and Pocket and make your phone a super sharer.

Indeed, Buffer is a life saver. Given the myriad of services and different tools, Buffer has changed how people use the different social sharing websites. And the above mentioned are just some of the ways on how to use Buffer to your own advantage. In addition, Buffer can also let you Retweet whenever you want, share your favorites on Facebook, track your stats from Buffer dashboard, Buffer your posts with wordPress, and increase your site’s share with Buffer button.


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