Improve Facebook Marketing Performance in 4 Ways

Improve You Facebook MarketingFacebook is a powerful social networking site. It allows people to benefit from it in so many ways such as for interaction and self-expression. And in this present time when the competition in the field of business is getting tougher each day, Facebook has been made as an effective tool for marketing. However, doing such entails using the right strategy. When Facebook is not used the right way and to its maximum potential, all the efforts would be futile. Using Facebook to improve marketing potential will lead to greater results to a business and below and the four ways how such can be made possible.

Ad Placement

Advertisers on Facebook typically place their domain ads on the right side of the page for the purpose of placement. But now that advertisements can be placed in various locations on the page, it has been clear that placing many ads in different positions will lead to a higher conversion rate. In addition, it should be noted that the ads which are placed on the news feed of a person can be more engaging for up to eight times than the advertisements which are placed in the right-hand column. When talking about ad placement, it would appear that variation and having engaging content, as well as quality images can offer the advertisers the best results.

Wise Pick of Format

There are various formats of advertisements that can be utilized in the news feed of the person, but would they be useful for conversion rates?

  • A photo page ad is specifically designed for the news feed. This image grabs the attention of the people, thus it would be great for bold and short message placement. Shortened URL will be good for this one.
  • A link page ad can be best utilized when the imagery is not as important as getting the message across.
  • A sponsored story is specifically designed to promote reader engagement given that they are from your friends because of the activities in a particular page, event, or app. The idea is using individuals for promotion and to let their friends do the same action like liking or following a page.
  • Apps installed on mobile are designed to drive the users to download and install apps. If the goal is to increase the app usage, it’s the right thing.
  • Offers can be a big help in making a content go viral whenever they claim them and when the promotions are being shared in the wall. This is an excellent way to increase customers.

Choosing the Right Targeting Tool

It is always important for a business to target the right customers. Facebook does well on this but choosing the right tool is important to make the business grow.


Social media is functional when it comes to clicks on the net and product discovery, even on off-site sources. Along with these things, taking time to identify the performance indicators and setting up the view and click tags is essential.


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