Climb the SERP Ladder with Power Tweets

Increase Your Twitter FollowersIt in undeniable that twitter has indeed taken the world by storm. Majority of businesses in today’s time is incorporating it to their internet marketing strategies for them to get traffic to their websites. However, it seems like they have to consider such potential that twitter has when it comes to boosting their visibility in the different search engines.

It appears that search engines are taking advantage of the media phenomenon and utilize such in order to determine how web pages rank. Essentially, this based on the method that Google has been using to distinguish high quality contents from the low quality ones, gather from the abundant information on the web. The algorithms work in a such a way that tracking the path followed by users while browsing on the web to be able to establish the importance of a certain webpage. The more clicks made by users on a specific webpage and the more time they spent on it, the better the quality of the contents ought to be.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will never be ignored. There are the social sites with profiles used by real people on a regular basis my making likes, shares, comments, or tweets and generally distribute as well as find engaging and useful contents. This is basically the reason why social links turn out to be increasingly important to the SERPs. Examples of these social links are likes, +1s, tweets, etc. coming from various social media websites which creates a connection between the user and the page. These are then viewed by the algorithm of the search engine as a kind of recommendation from the users. Social links give weight for the URL ranking algorithms, and in all likehood, it increases the ranking of the web page in search engines.

Power Tweets

When it comes to Twitter, when you get more tweets and retweets the better. This actually means being able to drive more traffic to the website. However, quantity is not the sole factor that you have to consider. The algorithms of the search engines are attaching more weight to authoritative tweets or also called as power tweets. A power tweet comes from an authoritative profile. The authority of the profile is the mainly based on the influence level that they have on a specific subject.

Power Tweets and their Influence

Consider a user that has acquired a high level of influence on the SEO techniques used in Twitter. This means that the tweets from the user offer a high quality content about SEO matters and the user has a lot of followers, most of them are quality followers and not fake ones. Such kind of profile is regarded to be an influential Twitter user, mainly due to the fact that it is trusted among the community and it has gained a strong reputation which enables it to influence its followers. The tweet coming from this user is a power tweet. At the same time, acquiring a “retweet” from an authoritative user is also considered to be a power tweet.


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