Social Links and their Importance in Internet Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial links are an important facet in Internet marketing. Those who want to gain attraction in a crowded world of the internet market definitely needs to include a social link strategy as part of the whole marketing plan. Specifically, one needs to have social links from authoritative users of popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and Google plus.

Social links are one way to connect your contents to popular social networks. If you come to think of it, the purpose actually makes a lot of sense. In the ideal world, what Bing and Google are aiming for is to rank the websites higher on the search engine list which were able to succeed at the word of the mouth marketing, that holy grail of business and customer service. When more people are talking about your products and services, the higher is the tendency for the company to grow organically. The internet advertising system encourages and promotes the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between the content provider and Internet users. In addition, it recognizes that businesses become more successful when clients become advocates of the service or product. This is the reason why social links at a fundamental level are considered to be one of the most important ways to grow the client base as well as to promote the business.

Ultimately, what you need to know when creating a content for your webpage is to create a quality content. If you are delivering a service or creating a product that is of high quality, people will naturally talk about it. To show such, they will post on your blogs their positive comments, write positive reviews regarding your products and services, and most of all, they will share it with their friends on twitter, facebook, and other social networking sites.

There are different techniques which various algorithms such as the Google Panda and Penguin updates highly discourage. For example, a lot of businesses buy “tweets” and “likes” or “+1s” without considering what they are going into. Most of the sites that provide such services will deliver thousands of social links to your site, but these links are actually created by fake people with fake profiles. For those who are trying to save money and effort, there is no way for trash social links to bring real traffic and to boost ranking. In fact, Bing and Google are known to penalize websites if it becomes apparent that the social links are coming from fake profiles which have been massively purchased.

The whole and real purpose of acquiring social links should be to get new eyeballs to see what you can offer. It is not only done to artificially boost the amount of traffic which is worthless to the website. Furthermore, it is blatantly obvious when the traffic and profiles are fake and has the potential to turn off honest clients. The elegant and simple solution is to acquire social links from real people with authority. By doing such, the traffic that social links will bring to your website will be real  and will be convertible to actual clients.


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